The Park Lake

With being a lorry driver and having a young family I don't get the time I used to and with the year we've had with the coronavirus I thought I'd keep things a bit simpler this year, So I have been Fishing a local Park lake.

Getting overnighters in where I can has been the key to success. It is a well-stocked lake with a couple of 30s, a few 20s and a big head of doubles. I've walked the lake hundreds of times with my kids, feeding the ducks and have seen loads of carp in there, so I knew there was good chances of bites and maybe to sneak a bigger one. With walking the lake, it soon become apparent that the best area was down the boat yard end that had a no fishing zone, but that swim was always taken, I never had a chance of getting that! One of the banks though has about 100 meters of no fishing, but you can reach it from the swims opposite. A 110-yard cast and with about 10 swims being able to hit this I thought that's where I'd concentrate my efforts on my overnighters.

Now knowing that the boat yard end would always hold fish I decided to trickle a little bait in along the no fishing bank to see if I could get something going along there and fish it from the opposite swims, nothing major just 100 or so baits when I walked the lake with my kids, it’s a mega busy lake so without wanting to be blatant about the bait going in I decided I'd chop the baits up and mix it with bread so it would look like I was just feeding the ducks and not chucking in bait.

I did this a few times till I had a free night which was just an overnighter. I decided to fish solid bags and stick boilies over where I had put some bait. I proceeded to have 10 bites the first night nothing big, just doubles but a decent night's angling all the same. I have done 10 nights and a couple of days since the first night in August and had 110 carp up to 24lb so nothing massive but with limited time it is nice to get a few bites.

The lake Goes quiet in the winter, the fish just switch off, but I am keeping a little bait going in and I'll keep going to see if I can winkle out one of the 30s. It is a strange place, not for the fait hearted, a lot off noisy drunks, police patrols and swimmers during the night! All of that though makes it more interesting and keeps the fire burning for me. Here is to the next session…….

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