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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

A good few years ago I was proud to have written a monthly blog in Carpology magazine, which ran for nearly a year. Titled ‘Work, family and carp fishing’, it was a warts and all diary piece of how I coped with a high pressure job, working long hours, a young family and catching carp. It was perhaps a bit different at the time because it was a no bull, ‘not to please sponsors’ account of how I coped with the above and how the average man like me could do the same. All these years later not a lot has changed!

I have always wanted to begin the diary again but just did not get around to it. Well now I have the perfect platform here on the Slyfish website, with no editor apart from me, nobody to please apart from the readers and if I catch bugger all I can say that without embarrassment. Blanking is the norm, catching is a special occasion, going fishing is a release!

So, let us set the scene a little and then the blogs can flow as and when I can do them or as and when I have something to share.

I work in estate agency, 5 days a week, leaving home at 7 a.m., returning home at 7.30 p.m. My Son is now in his late 20’s with his own Son (yes I know I am super young to be a grandad!) and my daughter is now 16. Working the patterns, I do, in effect I go fishing on a Tuesday night at around 8 p.m., fishing until as late as I can get away with the next day. The odd holiday day creeps in but they are few and far between. Sundays is family day, so the weekends are off limits. Slyfish must fit in there too, with my role generally being idea’s, social media, emails, and messages along with general promotion. This is usually done from the sofa of an evening, much to my Wife’s disgust!

So to find time to fish I have to get back from London, get changed, kiss the family and the dog, load the car and get to the lake, usually rushing around like my hair is on fire pretty much every time. Much of the year sees me arriving in the dark, the last angler on, with limited time to get a result. If I didn’t push myself each week, I simply would not have time to go. I then spend much of my fishing time answering work emails too, but I make sure that I fish hard when I do go. As much as it is a release, relaxing it is not! 26 years of this routine has not dulled my desire though and if I am fit and healthy then I will still be doing the same in another 26 years when I am 70!

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